Developing the Real Assets of Tomorrow - Since 1893

BROSSIER offers opportunistic and value-add investments opportunities through real asset development. Agnostic to product type, BROSSIER studies the market, demographics, and data to determine the highest and best use of a property. BROSSIER is a seasoned developer, manager, and brokerage firm founded originally in 1893.

Today, we dive deep into market analytics, identify key metrics, and support or refute an investment thesis. Examples of our success for our firm and our investors include multi-family, student housing, seniors housing, hotel, retail, self-storage, office, medical office, and of course - mixed-use.

Tenacious and resilient, we have not failed to rezone, permit, or otherwise get a project out of the ground. Partner with BROSSIER - real assets developed expertly.


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  1. Ask - What does this community need to be a better, more efficient, more desirable place? And, where is the best location(s) for this need(s)?
  2. Research - Market analysis, mapping, demographic studies, population surveys, statistical modeling, feasibility studies, and political polling to test community sentiment.
  3. Construct the Investment Hypothesis - Identify the project and state the objective and results
  4. Analyze Data and Draw a Conclusion - Stress testing of various economic and political scenarios in an attempt to disprove the hypothesis
  5. Communicate the Results - During this stage of the process we will present our findings to applicable parties for decision making

When we overlay our philosophy with our expertise and process, we are able to build our own success.