Developing the Real Assets of Tomorrow - Since 1893

BROSSIER offers opportunistic and value-add investments opportunities through real asset development. Agnostic to product type, BROSSIER studies the market, demographics, and data to determine the highest and best use of a property. BROSSIER is a seasoned developer, manager, and brokerage firm founded originally in 1893.

Today, we dive deep into market analytics, identify key metrics, and support or refute an investment thesis. Examples of our success for our firm and our investors include multi-family, student housing, seniors housing, hotel, retail, self-storage, office, medical office, and of course - mixed-use.

Tenacious and resilient, we have not failed to rezone, permit, or otherwise get a project out of the ground. Partner with BROSSIER - real assets developed expertly.


BROSSIER's investing discipline is based on the idea of scientific urban design - the best way to create or enhance value is to analyze the local market collectively and identify the opportunities of a specific geographical region by assessing the needs of the community.  Then, develop and support a thesis with thorough market research and analysis.  

As markets change and develop, it is important to evaluate the needs of the macro economy and identify the fastest growing needs of the population.  Then further boil down the data within a target geography to verify the community's needs. 

We believe the United States is in the midst of three macro themes, which will continue to work and become more evident over the next 20 years:

  • Urban Migration - It is predicted that 91% of the United States population will be urbanized by 2050. This equates to an additional 33 million Americans moving to cities from rural areas.
  • Senior Healthcare - The senior population is not only living longer than ever before, but it is the fastest growing segment of the United States population
  • Environmental sustainability - through domestic energy production of cleaner fuels, reducing the human impact through environmental conscience development strategies, and a transition to energy efficient consumables.

BROSSIER's investment philosophy is non-product specific and driven by the principle that every investment should correlate with the needs of the community in both the near- and long-term; these areas of expertise differentiate us.


BROSSIER has an in-depth understanding of urban investments throughout the sourcing, acquisition, entitlement, financing, development, asset management, and disposition processes. We maximize site density, creating additional value through the use of creative and innovative solutions regarding land planning, changes in zoning and/or comprehensive land-use plans, and solving environmental issues that may restrict or even prohibit development. 


We efficiently and comprehensively conduct due diligence, underwrite, and close for proprietary and partner investments.


We have built a strong track record of building long-term relationships with proven sponsors as well as fostering new relationships.  


BROSSIER will engineer investment structures to suit project, circumstance, and partners' needs.