Developing the Real Assets of Tomorrow - Since 1893

BROSSIER offers opportunistic and value-add investments opportunities through real asset development. Agnostic to product type, BROSSIER studies the market, demographics, and data to determine the highest and best use of a property. BROSSIER is a seasoned developer, manager, and brokerage firm founded originally in 1893.

Today, we dive deep into market analytics, identify key metrics, and support or refute an investment thesis. Examples of our success for our firm and our investors include multi-family, student housing, seniors housing, hotel, retail, self-storage, office, medical office, and of course - mixed-use.

Tenacious and resilient, we have not failed to rezone, permit, or otherwise get a project out of the ground. Partner with BROSSIER - real assets developed expertly.

COL. Brossier

COL. Brossier

The company’s roots in Florida date back to 1893 when Robert’s great grandfather, Colonel Felix Brossier founded a real estate sales and development office in Miami, FL.

Later, Colonel Brossier and his sons expanded their real estate company to include a full range of services in brokerage, development, construction, and a real estate college, which was established in the early 1930’s.   Around this time, sons Basile and Clem road their bikes from Miami to Orlando, where they co-founded a small newspaper, the Orlando Reporter‐Star, which today is the Orlando Sentinel.

The sons sold their interest in the paper and purchased tracks of land along Florida's Space Coast, some of which is still owned by the family today.